ChessFlower.org collects the websites of Mr. Richard L. Hewitt (Kamuzu Academy, Malawi).


Listed also are Semitae (i.e. Shortcuts), which direct to parts of websites that might be of special interest.



Dispatches from Central Africa

Fritillary.org exists to draw together a number of projects that relate most closely to Malawi (Central Africa). They may be of interest either to Malawians or to those of good will 'Beyond the Lake'.


Martin Probert


Of Stars - and Bugs - and Literature

Of Juggling - and Strings

The purpose of GuineaFlower.org is to put online some of Mr. Martin Probert's eclectic work.


Litterae Helveticae (I)


Notker Balbulus (c. 840 - 912)

The Hymnbook

The Leper Lily is an online bookpress. It presents a trilingual edition (Latin, German and English) of the Liber Ymnorum of Notker, called Balbulus or the Stammerer (St. Gall 881 - 887).


Litterae Helveticae (II)


Eugène Rambert (1830 - 1886)

The Marmot with the Collar


Pia Roshardt (1892 - 1975)

Children's Books with Marmots

The Snake's Head is an online bookpress. It presents: i) a trilingual edition (French, German and English) of Eugène Rambert's La marmotte au collier (Lausanne 1889) and ii) Pia Roshardt's illustrations to accompany Hedwig Kasser's Familie Mungg: Eine Murmeltier-Geschichte (Bern 1940) and Bruno Schönlank's Mein Tierparadies (Zürich 1949), together with German text and English translation.